Preventing Diabetes 2 When Your Loved One Has Prediabetes

When your loved one has risk factors in his life that increase the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes as he ages, his physician will most likely do blood tests each year to check his blood sugar levels. If he has recently had results come back that indicate he has prediabetes, there are steps you can help him take to avoid having his prediabetes develop into type 2 diabetes. A 24-hour home care team can be of great assistance as you help your loved one make some lifestyle changes or adjustments to help his health get back to where it should be.

24-Hour Home Care Huntington NY - Preventing Diabetes 2 When Your Loved One Has Prediabetes

24-Hour Home Care Huntington NY – Preventing Diabetes 2 When Your Loved One Has Prediabetes

A prediabetes diagnosis means that when his blood work was reviewed, his blood sugar levels were higher than the normal range, but not quite high enough to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It is a serious health condition that you should work with your loved one in addressing so that his future health will not be affected by a disease that can to other serious health conditions such as stroke and heart disease.

There are three key areas that your loved one is going to want to review (with his doctor’s help) and make needed adjustments so that his blood sugar levels can get back to normal.


If your loved one is overweight, losing just a small amount of weight can help reduce his risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Even a small amount of 5-7% can make a big difference in how the cells in his body will react to insulin, an important step in keeping blood sugar levels where they should be.

Your 24-hour home care team can help with the meals and snacks they prepare for your loved one. Switching to healthier choices can help a person lose some excess pounds. Your 24-hour home care team should be given a list of recommended food choices from your physician so that when they help with shopping or preparing your loved one’s meals, they can follow the diet recommendations. They are skilled at helping individuals stay on recommended diet plans so this will be an easy part of their care for your loved one.


Along with adjusting your loved one’s diet, he is going to want to get into the habit of regular exercise. The most common recommendation is at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise like brisk walking or swimming five times a week. If exercise is not a regular part of your loved one’s week, he may need to start small and build up to this goal. A 24-hour home care team can help him stay motivated and provide transportation as needed to facilities or locations where he can get his exercise.

Manage Stress

Stress can have a negative influence on the body as your loved one strives to improve his health. Help him discover the best ways for him to reduce and manage his daily stress levels.
Making changes today can help your loved one prevent type 2 diabetes in the future.


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