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Ways to Keep Your Dad From Feeling Lonely and Isolated

Isolation and loneliness impact mental, emotional, and mental health. Here are some ideas for your dad to engage him and prevent isolation.

One out of four older adults is isolated and lonely. While it’s not surprising to find your dad complaining about feeling lonely and experiencing social isolation, it’s concerning. Isolation and loneliness impact mental, emotional, and mental health. People who are isolated or experience social isolation have higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and depression. It’s important to ensure your dad is socializing as much as he wants. Bringing in companion care at home services could assist with this issue.

Check Community Calendars For Suitable Events

Companion Care at Home Queens County NY - Ways to Keep Your Dad From Feeling Lonely and Isolated
Companion Care at Home Queens County NY – Ways to Keep Your Dad From Feeling Lonely and Isolated

Is there a senior center in your dad’s area? They often host luncheons, dinners, and dances. When something appeals to your dad, make sure he has a ride and can attend the event. As he gets to know others in the community, he might want to join the senior center on group outings to museums, shopping malls, sporting events, and other one-day or multiple-day trips.

Public libraries also host events for members of the community. Look for activities like book groups, gardening clubs, cooking classes, and walking groups. Your dad will be surrounded by his peers and able to make friends.

Get Your Dad to Volunteer His Time

Has your dad ever expressed interest in volunteering? Join him. You can volunteer at the local hospital directing patients at the information counter or delivering gifts to patient rooms.

He could volunteer at a local library putting away books, alphabetizing the shelves, and checking out books for cardholders. A local community center program could need older “grandparent” mentors for teens and children.

Another option is to have him volunteer at a local animal rescue. He’ll walk the dogs, play with the cats, clean cages and pens, and feed the animals.

What if he doesn’t drive? Several volunteer opportunities are online and offer the chance to chat in the volunteer community forums. He could help transcribe letters and documents for the Smithsonian Museum or answer emails for a non-profit that can’t afford office staff.

See Who Can Stop By

Talk to your cousins, close family friends, and siblings to see who is free during the week and can stop in. If your brother has Wednesdays off, he might be able to stop by for an hour and have lunch with your dad.

Your cousin is a stay-at-home parent and can stop by while the children are in school. Your dad would have the chance to chat for an hour or two and even play with a younger grand-niece or nephew simultaneously.

Arrange to Have Companion Care at Home Aides Help Out

Some families don’t live close by. If you are on the other side of the country, it’s impossible to stop by regularly to see how your dad is doing. This is one of the most important times to arrange companion care at home services.

Caregivers stop by and provide companionship as often as your dad needs. He might want someone to check in once a week or every day. Our companion care at home agency is happy to arrange those visits as often as he’d like.


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