For the more than 50 million adults throughout the United States who have been diagnosed with arthritis, the pain can become a major part of their day. This pain can range from mild and occasional to debilitating and chronic, and it can influence your loved one in many different ways. Some experience fatigue as a part of their pain, while others struggle with serious emotional consequences.

Elder Care Dix Hills NY - Tips for Easing Arthritis Pain

Elder Care Dix Hills NY – Tips for Easing Arthritis Pain

Whatever the impact, if your parent is dealing with pain associated with arthritis, as a family caregiver it is vital for you to make the effective easing and management of this pain a  part of your care routine.

Use these tips to help your elder ease their arthritis pain and manage it effectively:

– Talk to their doctor about medications that can help with the symptoms as well as the actual damage and effect of the disease. Be sure your parent is honest with their doctor about what they are experiencing so the doctor can give them the type of medication that is right for them, and guide them into a course of management effective at controlling their pain.

Encourage your parent to soak in a warm bath or stand in a warm shower for 15 minutes. The warm can release joints and ease pain and discomfort.

If the bath or shower is not an option, or they struggle with skin issues that make continuous exposure to the water something they want to avoid, use warm compresses. A tube sock filled with dry rice, tied off, and warmed in the microwave for 30 minutes provides weighted, lasting warmth that is extremely soothing.

Encourage your senior to stay physically active. While it might seem strange to think of moving around when their joints are in pain, staying active lubricates the joints, keeps them stronger and better conditioned, and promotes the release of endorphins that boost mood and reduce the feeling of pain.

Don’t underestimate the emotional influence of pain. Negative thinking, depression, stress, and anxiety are all linked to increased pain, stiffness, and discomfort in the joints. Encourage your parent to participate in a support group and find healthy ways to manage their emotional health.

Elder care can be a fantastic resource for helping your aging parent cope with their arthritis. A customizable schedule and fully personalized services mean your senior always gets exactly what they need to help them live their best life, making arthritis a part of it rather than the main focus.

This means helping your parent manage their needs and challenges in effective ways that help them stay safe and healthy, while also promoting an active, engaged, and independent quality of life. Some of these elder care services can include transportation, companionship, meal and snack preparation, medication reminders, assistance with personal care tasks, help around the house, and more.


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