The Most Common Signs of Skin Conditions in the Elderly

If you are looking after your elderly loved one, you may be wondering why their skin is dry, itchy, or otherwise problematic. Aging takes a real toll on the body. Many common skin conditions occur in the elderly due to the aging process. Learning more about these issues can help you and their elder care providers to get your elderly loved ones the treatment or solutions they need. The first step would be to learn about the common signs of skin conditions in the elderly.

Dry, Itchy Skin

Elder Care Rockville Center NY - The Most Common Signs of Skin Conditions in the Elderly

Elder Care Rockville Center NY – The Most Common Signs of Skin Conditions in the Elderly

If your elderly loved one has dry, itchy skin it doesn’t mean they do have a skin condition. However, the longer their skin experiences this issue, the more problems that could occur. For example, if your elderly loved one has dry, itchy skin for weeks or months, it could turn into a rough, scaly feeling. Then, it may become severely itchy. Your elderly loved one might scratch at it, making it bleed. Those open wounds have a higher risk of infection. As you can see the problems could go on and on if something isn’t done about your elderly loved one’s dry skin right now. Sometimes, just lotion or oils are needed. Other times, you or an elder care provider may need to take your loved one to the doctor to get a prescription cream or other medications.

Having Bed Sores

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one has bed sores? If so, these must get treated right away. While it is unfortunate that these happen often in senior citizens that aren’t very mobile, there are numerous treatment options. Sometimes, creams and antibiotics are prescribed. It may just be a matter of letting the area heal while continuing to have yourself or an elder care provider move your elderly loved one.


One condition that is quite common in the elderly is shingles. Did you know that about one million adults in the United States get shingles every year? That is a lot of cases. If your elderly loved one has gotten this skin condition, it can cause them severe discomfort, pain, and irritation. Usually, it will last around 2-4 weeks. However, complications can occur with it, so treatment must be received as soon as it is noticed.

Elder Care Providers can Watch out for these Conditions

These are some of the most common skin conditions that are found in the elderly. Now that you know more about them, you can look out for signs in your elderly loved one. If your elderly loved one does have one of these skin issues, you can take them to see their doctor, so the proper treatments can be given.

If your elderly loved one experiences any skin issues that were not noted above, don’t hesitate to have them see a doctor. Even if you aren’t sure whether it is something to worry about, it is better to have it checked out than to not have it looked at and something more serious develops.


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