What Physical Therapy Does for Your Elder

So many health conditions might require that your mother has some extra help in recuperating. Elder care offers a way for her to have that help, especially if she’s not able to leave her home easily to get the assistance that she needs. Physical therapists can come to her in her home and help her to put together a plan for achieving her goals related to healing or to learning how to cope with physical changes she might be experiencing.

Assess Your Senior’s Needs

Elder Care Plainview NY - What Physical Therapy Does for Your Elder

Elder Care Plainview NY – What Physical Therapy Does for Your Elder

Physical therapy at home starts with your senior’s physical therapist getting a thorough idea about what your elderly family member needs. Your senior’s therapist does this by getting information from all of her medical providers and by talking with your senior. Determining pain levels and identifying all of your senior’s concerns helps with forming a plan.

Put Together a Plan that Addresses Those Needs

Once the information gathering phase is complete, your senior’s physical therapist is able to put together a plan that works for her. That plan is going to help her to get from where she is now to where she wants to be. That might mean that she’s reducing pain levels, recovering from an injury, or learning how to use specific assistive devices and tools.

Elder Care Aides Implement a Variety of Techniques Set Out by the Therapist

Working through that plan means that your senior’s physical therapist might use a variety of different techniques. Pain relief might involve stretching, hot and cold therapy, and massage, for instance. Over time, those techniques might change and have others added in, like specific exercises. Those changes might occur as your senior hits specific milestones with her physical therapy plan.

Adjusts the Plan as Needed to Continue Addressing Your Senior’s Needs

Healing isn’t always linear, so that might mean that your senior’s plan adjusts several times to account for both improvements and setbacks that she experiences along the way. Depending on what your elderly family member needs, physical therapy at home can be a crucial step in her healing process. Working with your senior’s entire medical team ensures that she’s getting the help that she needs at every stage.

Elder care can ensure that your elderly family member is always getting the assistance that she needs, no matter what her current needs are. This is especially important if your elderly family member is anxious to age in place for as long as possible.

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