Easy Ways to Feel Warmer on Cold Days

Your mom has a tight budget and Social Security cost-of-living increases don’t help out as much as you’d hope. One area of concern hits each winter when her heating fuel bills increase. She’s always complaining about feeling cold, but you know she can’t afford to increase the amount of heating fuel she’s using.

Elderly Care Northport NY - Easy Ways to Feel Warmer on Cold Days

Elderly Care Northport NY – Easy Ways to Feel Warmer on Cold Days

When your mom always feels cold on wintry days, what can you do to ensure she feels warmer without turning up the heat? Here are some tips.

Take Care of Drafts

Go through her home and take care of any drafts. If she has a patio door that doesn’t quite seal as tight as it should, invest in a patio door insulation kit. The plastic sheet goes over the inside of the door using double-sided tape. Use a blow dryer to tighten it to the windows and stop drafts.

Leave Out Some Lap Quilts

When she’s reading a book, knitting, or watching TV, your mom will feel warmer if she covers her legs and torso in a blanket or lap quilt. Get a couple of blankets or quilts that fit the décor and leave them where she can easily grab them before sitting down.

Dress in Layers

Make sure your mom dresses in layers. If she gets too warm, she can remove the top layer. If she’s cold, she can add a layer. An easy way to do it is by putting on a tank top, putting a long-sleeved t-shirt or cotton blouse over that, and finishing with a cardigan.

Keep Slippers Nearby

When your feet are cold, you’ll feel cold. Get your mom a pair of slippers that fit well and have non-slip soles. On cold days, she wants to wear the slippers inside the house.

Have an Electric Kettle on the Counter

Warm drinks like herbal tea and hot lemon water will help her stay warm. The warm cup keeps her hands warm, which makes her feel warmer. With an electric kettle set up in an easy-to-reach area on the counter, she can flip it on, wait for the water to boil, and have a steady supply of warm drinks all day long whenever she wants another.

Do you worry about your mom cranking up the furnace when you’re at work? Have you seen her heating fuel bill skyrocket each time she does turn up the heat?

You could put in a locking thermostat, but why not arrange to have elderly care aides stop by? Your mom won’t be alone and elderly care aides can keep her busy so that she’s not focusing on the cold chill she’s experiencing on a wintry day.

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