If you are caring for an elderly adult, it is important to make sure they are attending all of their yearly wellness visits. These visits can check to make sure your loved one is at a healthy weight, check for possible diseases or for cancer, and much more. In addition, if you or your loved one have any questions about medication side effects or health issues they are having, these visits are a great time to talk to their doctor.

Elderly Adults and Yearly Wellness Visits

Elderly Care Plainview NY - Tips on Yearly Wellness Visits for Elderly Adults

Elderly Care Plainview NY – Tips on Yearly Wellness Visits for Elderly Adults

Making sure that your elderly loved one goes to their yearly wellness visits with their primary care physician will give them the chance to talk about health screenings, get bloodwork done, check for vitamin deficiencies, check on weight management, and much more. In addition, your loved one’s doctor will talk about any immunizations that should be received such as the shingles vaccine or the flu shot.

Another reason to schedule your loved one’s yearly wellness visit is to make sure their doctor can identify any issues that might be going on. Even if there is just something small going on with your loved one such as lightheadedness when they stand up or chronic fatigue, their doctor can check this out. If these issues are not treated early, they could cause even bigger health problems.

The good news is that most of the major health insurance companies will pay for yearly wellness visits.

Medicare Yearly Wellness Visit

If your elderly loved one has Medicare Part B, they might be entitled to getting the yearly wellness visit through Medicare. The purpose of this visit is for identifying potential health problems and provide early intervention if necessary. You or elderly care providers should make sure your loved one attends these visits.

During These Appointments

At the yearly wellness visits, your loved one’s doctor will go over their medical records and history, current medication list, and assess your loved one’s weight and current health issues. In most instances, the deductible for insurance won’t apply to these visits. This means there is no additional charge for them. With this being said, your elderly loved one will have no reason to deny attending these appointments.

These are some of the tips and things you should know about when it comes to yearly wellness visits for elderly adults. If you are taking care of an elderly adult, whether that be your neighbor, parent, older aunt, or grandparent, you should make sure they are attending these yearly wellness visits.

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