Home Care Assistance: Incorporating Dietary Tips After Your Mom’s Heart Surgery

Your mom underwent heart surgery. Before she comes home from the hospital, her cardiologist wants to make sure you understand everything needed to support her as she recovers. One of the changes she faces is a new diet after her heart surgery. What are dietary changes that help keep your mom’s heart healthy? Having home care assistance services can incorporate these suggestions into their meal preparation and shopping plans.

Home Care Assistance Rockville Center NY - Home Care Assistance: Incorporating Dietary Tips After Your Mom's Heart Surgery

Home Care Assistance Rockville Center NY – Home Care Assistance: Incorporating Dietary Tips After Your Mom’s Heart Surgery

Boost Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake

Your mom should switch away from red meats if she still eats them more than now and then. Instead, she wants to eat fish twice a week. Salmon, mackerel, and tuna are all high in these beneficial fatty acids.

Go Flexitarian

Instead of eating meats and fish all week long, your mom should incorporate some vegetarian meals each week. Using beans, tofu, and legumes as substitutes for meats is ideal.

Your mom wants a burger. Instead of a traditional burger made from beef, make vegetarian patties with oats, chickpeas, grated vegetables, garlic, and black pepper.

Increase Fiber Intake

Make sure your mom eats foods that are high in fiber. Cooked beans offer plenty of fiber. Instead of white rice, switch to brown rice or grains like farro. Don’t buy regular pasta. Pay extra for whole-wheat or whole-grain options.

Drink the Right Beverages

Sugary soda, teas, and fruit drinks are not good options. Your mom needs to drink plenty of water each day. If she struggles with water, seltzer with a slice of lemon or lime is an excellent substitute. Make iced or hot tea with herbal tea mixes and omit the sugar.

Your mom should limit her alcohol intake. If she’s used to a couple of glasses of wine each night, she needs to talk to her doctor about how much she should drink.

Eat Lots of Fruit and Vegetables

Your mom’s goal should be two servings of fruit each day and five servings of vegetables. She needs to plan her meals accordingly to ensure she’s getting that much. Produce will make up the majority of her meals.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods often contain too much sodium, added sugar, and carbs with little fiber. Your mom should stop eating processed foods as much as possible. If she’s in the mood for soup, she can make soup from scratch instead of relying on a can.

An easy, healthy option is to put a bag of frozen mixed vegetables into a pot with six cups of low-sodium or salt-free vegetable broth. Making the broth from scratch is even better. Add a half cup of barley and a half cup of lentils. Finally, add a large can of salt-free crushed tomatoes.

That soup doesn’t take long to cook, and leftovers can be frozen and reheated. You can add additional vegetables if desired. Baby spinach or baby kale is a great addition.

The Need for Home Care Assistance Services

Home care assistance services are essential after heart surgery.  Add home care assistance services to help from a dietitian for comprehensive care after heart surgery. Add home health care services for nurses help with wound care and medication administration if antibiotics or pain medications are needed. Physical therapy is available if your mom needs PT.

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