What Are Home Care Assistance Services?

When your senior loved ones want to age in place in their familiar homes sometimes they need a little extra help. Home care assistance services make it possible for seniors to stay in their homes as they age. Caregivers provide services that are designed to make seniors safe and comfortable at home while also giving family members peace of mind. Many day-to-day tasks that become too difficult for seniors as they age can be done by caregivers so that seniors can continue to enjoy their independence and familiar home.

Some of the services that are provided as part of home care assistance are:


Home Care Assistance Huntington NY - What Are Home Care Assistance Services?

Home Care Assistance Huntington NY – What Are Home Care Assistance Services?

If your senior loved one is starting to find it difficult to keep up with laundry, caregivers can make it easier. Home care assistance providers can do daily or weekly laundry so that your senior loved ones have clean linens, clean clothes, and clean towels. In the warm weather, a care provider can even hang sheets and linens outside so that they get that one of a kind fresh summer scent. Gathering laundry from upstairs, folding the laundry, and putting away the folded clean clothes are part of care for seniors.

House Cleaning

Keeping the house tidy is another service that home care assistance provides. Your senior loved one won’t have to worry about household chores like sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, or dusting. Caregivers can also do regular tasks like laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or cleaning windows. By having professional cleaning done your parents will be able to enjoy the benefits of a clean and sanitized house without the physical struggle to do all that cleaning and cooking themselves. Aides can work with your senior loved ones so that your senior loved one can help with the chores and enjoy a sense of purpose.

Meal Preparation

More than a million seniors each year are malnourished or don’t get enough to eat. Many seniors don’t eat because meal preparation like cutting vegetables is too difficult for them. But home care providers can help seniors prepare meals by chopping vegetables, cutting meat, and doing other food preparation tasks. They can also help seniors with the clean-up after the meal so that your senior loved one won’t be struggling to wash dishes or put food and dishes away safely.

Medication Management

Most seniors take a few different kinds of medicines. If your senior loved one is struggling to manage several different prescriptions, having home care assistance providers that can help manage those prescriptions, makes staying on the right medication easier. Caregivers for seniors can pick up prescriptions, report any interactions between medications, and make sure that seniors are taking the right dose of powerful medicines. Medication management can be a big help for both seniors and their families, who will be able to rest easy knowing their loved ones are safe.

If you have never considered home care assistance services for a loved one or parent now is the time to learn about it.

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