Is it really possible to be a caregiver from miles and miles away? You might worry that it isn’t at times, but these tips can help you to do the best you can, even when you’re not right around the corner.

Home Care Services Huntington NY - Four Tips for Caring for Your Senior from Far Away

Home Care Services Huntington NY – Four Tips for Caring for Your Senior from Far Away

Get to Know Her Doctor

Your senior’s doctor might be one of the best resources that you have when you can’t be there with her for knowing what’s really going on with her health. She might try to convince you that all is well, even on a bad day, but when you have a relationship with her doctor you can touch base yourself. Ask questions and do as much learning as you can about your senior’s health needs.

Work Out When You’ll Touch Base

When you and your senior have a set communication schedule, you have a way to reassure each other without infringing too much on each other’s lives. You might talk or communicate at other times during the week, but set aside one weekly conversation just for health issues. If something comes up at another time, address it right then, of course, instead of waiting for the check-in call.

Make Sure You Know What to Do in an Emergency

Emergency situations crop up with no warning, which is of course why they’re emergencies. But if you already have a plan for what you’ll do if an emergency happens, you’re ahead of the game. Determine how you’ll get to your senior, especially if you’re extremely far away. Some caregivers find that it helps to have a bag packed with essentials so that they can throw in last minute items and then go. Often what helps the most is simply contemplating what you’d do so that you have the beginnings of a plan.

Set up Home Care Services

Without being there yourself, you really don’t have eyes on the situation. Even with video calls with your senior you might only see what she wants you to see. This is where home care services providers can come in. They can offer the hands-on help to your senior that you’re not able to offer and they can let you know objectively what’s going on.

Caregiving from far away is never an easy task. You just don’t have the same information that you would if you were right there with your elderly family member. But you can still be an excellent caregiver by using some additional tools.

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