If your senior has been diagnosed with dementia, you may have also started to see some challenging behaviors cropping up. These types of behaviors can be jarring for you as your aging adult’s caregiver because they’re usually not in line with what you know about your family member’s personality.

Home Care Services Plainview NY - Dealing with Challenging Behaviors as a Caregiver for a Senior with Dementia

Home Care Services Plainview NY – Dealing with Challenging Behaviors as a Caregiver for a Senior with Dementia

You Can’t Control Your Aging Adult’s Behavior

Your elderly family member’s behavior is not something that you can control. What you can control is how you react to the behavior, how you manage the situations that trigger challenging behavior, and accommodations for the challenging behavior. Often how you respond and how you accommodate the behavior can help to change the behavior itself.

There Really Is a Reason for the Behavior

Even if it doesn’t seem like it at first, there is some underlying reason for the challenging behavior. Your aging adult has a need or want that she is unable to meet on her own. As a result, challenging behavior manifests.

Find the Triggers and You Can Start to Find Solutions

Challenging behaviors almost always have a triggering event or issue. If your aging family member needs the bathroom but has forgotten where it is, she may start trying all the doors, even the ones that lead outside. Or she might vocalize something repetitively. Regardless, there is not only a reason, but a trigger for the behavior. Start with your elderly family member’s physical needs and work your way down the list.

Every Day Is Slightly Different

What bothers your aging adult one day may not be an issue for her the next day. For example, she may have a great day and know exactly where the bathroom is when she needs it one day. The next, she may be having a slightly more off day and find herself frustrated when she needs to go. Anticipate that there will be different variables going on at any given time.

Getting Help Isn’t a Sign of Weakness or Laziness on Your Part

Many caregivers worry that hiring home care services providers makes them look lazy or weak to other family members, friends, or neighbors. The truth is that having experienced helpers around can be just what you need to sort through your aging adult’s triggers and needs as you manage challenging behavior.
Remember to take care of yourself so that you can continue to manage challenging behaviors and more on your caregiving journey.

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