It’s possible you’ve heard of shingles before, although you might not know a lot about it. If your senior does have shingles, it’s important that you talk to her doctor right away about the best ways to help her to deal with the virus and its effects.

Shingles Is a Virus

Home Care Services Stonybrook NY - What Is Shingles?
Home Care Services Stonybrook NY – What Is Shingles?

Shingles is the common name of a viral infection that causes an extremely painful blistery rash. The virus in question is the same virus that causes chickenpox. When someone goes through a chickenpox infection, the virus never actually leaves. The body can shut it down, but the virus only lies dormant in nerve tissue. At some point in the future, it reactivates and causes the condition known as shingles.

Anyone Can Get Shingles

It’s important to note that shingles is talked about most commonly in relation to older adults, but it’s a virus that anyone can get at any time. Your senior is more likely to develop shingles, though, for a variety of reasons. Your senior’s immune system may not be as strong as it used to be or she may be under more stress than usual.

Is it Just a Rash or Is it Shingles?

Shingles presents as a rash, so how can you tell that what your senior is dealing with is shingles instead of just a garden variety rash? One of the best indicators is that the rash tends to form blisters that are extremely painful. Those blisters then dry out and become scabby, which is also painful and itchy. Your senior may also describe a burning or tingling sensation that doesn’t subside.

Antiviral Medications Can Help

There aren’t any cures for shingles, just like there aren’t any cures for the chickenpox. What can help, however, are antiviral medications. Once it’s confirmed by your senior’s doctor that she’s dealing with shingles, her doctor is likely to recommend an antiviral medication. If she’s especially prone to outbreaks, your senior might need to take the medication daily as a preventative, even when she doesn’t have a rash. There’s a shingles vaccine, too, which her doctor may recommend for her.

People who are dealing with shingles are dealing with more than a rash, honestly. Your senior may also have a fever and generally feel weakened. It’s a good idea to ensure she has some extra help from home health care providers. They can help her to be comfortable while she waits out the virus and they can take over some tasks for her so she can rest.

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