Elderly Care in Stonybrook NY

Being able to live at home beyond retirement is a dream come true for many older adults because it gives them the ability to maintain their independence, while still receiving in-home care from aElderly-Care-Stonybrook-NY trained professional if needed. In fact, AARP conducted a study that showed almost three quarters of its participants wanted to live in their current homes as long as possible. As adults get older, they become weaker and more prone to falls, resulting in possible life-threatening injuries. Before your loved one can safely live at home and receive senior care, there are some precautions that need to be taken to keep them safe.

  • Remove all dangers from the home. Items and furniture that would not be harmful to a young adult could be very dangerous for someone over the age of 65. With diminished vision and balance, anything in their path could prove to be a danger. To keep your loved one safe, make sure all rugs and carpet are secure, any furniture is moved to the wall instead of in the middle of the room, electrical cords our moved away from the walkway, there are no spills or slippery floors, bright lighting is used throughout the home, night lights are used throughout the hallway, and all handrails are sturdy. If you live in an area that gets snow or ice, keep the steps and sidewalks salted.
  • Simplify daily activities. Encourage your aging loved one to do simple tasks by themselves in order to foster a sense of independence, especially if they are receiving elder care. To make it easier for the senior to do things on their own throughout the house, put all items they will need on lower shelves, give them a reaching device just in case the item is too high for the elder to reach, have an area near the door where items can be placed while they close the door, get remotes and phones with large buttons that are easy to see with poor vision, and encourage them to wear sensible shoes with non-skid soles and low heels.
  • Inspect the home. Natural disasters, fires, and broken home fixtures could happen when your loved one is at home. The best defense against one of these catastrophes is to be prepared. Check all of the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working properly, have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, prepare an escape plan in the event there is a fire or natural disaster, place a protective screen over the fire place, and cover exposed hot water pipes.
  • Check the bathroom. Bathrooms are the most dangerous rooms in the house because the floor can become slippery after a bath or shower, causing the elder to fall. Keep this room as safe as possible by placing a slip-resistant mat in the bathtub, installing a grab bar, elevating the toilet seat so that the elder does not need to lower their bodies too far, and add a shower chair.


If your loved one is able to do so, living at home can be very beneficial, surrounding the elder in a familiar environment where he or she is most comfortable. With these tips, your loved one will be able to safely live at home.

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