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Turning the Corner from Winter to Spring with Home Care

An experienced home care aide can help seniors look to the future with a measure of hope for certain possibilities that otherwise may not be realized.

Spring is in the air and that means more people are going to turn to outside activities. That may include you and your family. What about a grandparent or elderly mother or father who might have difficulties with some activities of daily life? Will they have the opportunity to get outside, too? Many seniors who struggle with their health, mobility, or other issues may tend to spend too much time stuck indoors. Not necessarily out of a choice (although it may very well be a choice for some), but because of a lack of assistance and support. Home care providers can be there for such assistance and support.

Home Care Massapequa NY- Turning the Corner from Winter to Spring with Home Care
Home Care Massapequa NY- Turning the Corner from Winter to Spring with Home Care

You may not live close enough to your mother or father to help, even for just one or two days a week, but even if you do you might have a lot of responsibilities yourself. You may not have the time to devote to them, to help them get out and go for a walk around the block, or just enjoy some warmer weather.

That’s okay. Why is it okay? Home care is available in most communities throughout the country. There are many reasons why home care is so valuable, but when it comes to this transition of weather from colder to warmer, there are some direct reasons why you should consider looking into a home care agency in discussing this option with that aging loved one.

1. They can help seniors with mobility issues.

Many seniors will lose strength as they get older. That is complicated even more when they are facing certain health issues. A heart attack, stroke, or even major surgery can leave an aging person with more difficulty ambulating.

An experienced home care agency can provide caregivers to support seniors in their homes and help them get out of bed, take a shower, and even go to the store or to a doctor’s appointment. Some home care aides can even help seniors step out of the house and enjoy the warmer weather, at least for a while and so long as they use proper sunscreen or other protective measures as prescribed by their doctor.

2. They can assist with Activities of Daily Living.

These ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) include bathing and toileting, preparing healthy meals, going to the grocery store, light housekeeping, and much more. Experienced home care providers can help with many of these basic activities of daily life.

When an elderly person (or any person with a disability, for that matter) has difficulties with the most basic tasks of everyday life, they may tend to simply stay at home, indoors, rather than “risking it” by stepping outside.

Yet, when they have assistance to perform these ADLs, they can gain confidence that yes, they too, can enjoy some warmer weather like everyone else.

3. They can encourage activity, where possible.

Not all seniors are going to be in the position to be as active as they once were. Yet, if the senior’s doctor has encouraged physical activity, and getting outside once again, then an experienced home care aide can certainly help with that.

Home care, for the most part, is not professional medical advice, unless you rely on a visiting nurse, so make sure the senior consults with the senior’s doctor before taking on any type of physical or strenuous activity that may be deemed beyond the scope of their abilities at this point in their life.

4. Home care aides can help them look to the warmer weather with a measure of hope.

When somebody is bedridden or homebound, seeing those forecast for warmer days, and watching the sunshine higher and higher in the sky may not have the same effect as it does for younger adults. Mostly because of the aforementioned challenges.

However, an experienced home care aide can help them look to the future with a measure of hope for certain possibilities that otherwise may not be realized.

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