Winter Safety Tips While Walking With Your Mom

Walking in the winter is harder. Slushy, snowy roads and sidewalks make for treacherous outings if your mom isn’t careful. Follow these winter safety tips to make sure your mom is safe when she goes for a walk outside. Having a home care aide accompany her is an extra step of precaution.

Protect Her Skin

Home Care Dix Hills NY - Winter Safety Tips While Walking With Your Mom

Home Care Dix Hills NY – Winter Safety Tips While Walking With Your Mom

Dry, cold air can be damaging to the skin. Make sure your mom has lip balm on her lips to trap moisture and prevent chapped lips. A moisturizing cream on her face is also important for preventing damage from the colder air.

If she finds her eyes often feel dry and itchy, put on sunglasses or eyewear to protect her eyes from the wind. Apply moisturizer to her eyelids, too, and consider lubricating eye drops in her eyes before leaving the house.

Dress for the Weather and Put on Ice Cleats

Your mom needs to be dressed for the cold. She needs to put on gloves, a hat, and a waterproof, insulated coat. She should have on waterproof boots that keep her feet warm.

If her coat doesn’t have a high collar, a scarf or neck warmer is important. Make sure her scarf is tied in the front and tucked into her coat to prevent it from catching on branches as she walks.

Before walking on icy or snow-covered roads, add strap-on ice cleats to your boots. They’ll add traction that prevents slipping and falling. They’re especially helpful if freshly fallen snow is covering the ice. It prevents a slip and fall on the ice that you don’t see until it’s too late.

Wear Bright, Easy-to-See Colors

When walking in snowy weather or when it’s not bright outside, make sure your mom is in bright, easy-to-see colors. She needs to be visible to vehicles. Flashing LED strips on her arm and boots add to her visibility.

If she walks at night, a headlamp, flashing LED lights, and reflective strips are essential. It’s best that she avoids going out at night, though, but it may not be preventable if she has to wait until you’re out of work to walk with her.

Tell Someone Before She Leaves or Walk with a Home Care Aide

If your mom walks by herself, it’s essential that she carries a cell phone and lets someone know she’s leaving and where she’s going. If something happens, people will know that too much time has passed and they should check on her. She also has a phone to call if she is taking longer than expected or needs help.

When you walk with your mom, you should use the same precautions. Have a phone so that you can get help if needed.

Your mom shouldn’t have to walk alone during the winter. Arrange home care aides for companionship services. Once a week or every few days, a caregiver can stop by and spend time with your mom. Her home care aide can join her on walks, drive her to a park or shopping mall, and make sure she’s getting as much exercise as her doctor recommends.

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