How Your Senior Can Reduce Her Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a leading cause of death for aging adults, which makes avoiding heart disease or keeping it from worsening too quickly a huge priority for your senior and her doctor. There are some concrete steps your senior and their home health care providers can start taking now that can help her to reduce her risk of heart disease now and in the future. Always make sure to talk over any changes with your senior’s doctor.

Reduce Risky Choices

Home Health Care Northport NY - How Your Senior Can Reduce Her Risk of Heart Disease

Home Health Care Northport NY – How Your Senior Can Reduce Her Risk of Heart Disease

There are some choices your senior may be making that could make her risk for heart disease much higher than it might have been otherwise. Drinking a little too much alcohol, smoking, and similar choices can all make it much more difficult for your senior’s heart to do its job. The sooner she reduces or stops any of these risky choices, the better her chances are of avoiding heart issues.

Manage Her Other Health Issues

But other health issues have an impact, too. If your elderly family member has high blood sugar or diabetes, for instance, that’s putting a strain on her heart. The better controlled your senior’s health is in general, the better her circulatory system will function overall. It’s important that your senior talks with her doctor about what else she can be doing.

Adjust Diet and Exercise

One of the changes that your senior may want to take more seriously could be her doctor’s recommendations around diet and exercise. If she’s cleared for exercise, then gradually becoming more active can help to improve her heart function. Eating the healthiest diet that she can helps to support her body, especially her heart, as she focuses on being as healthy as possible.

Don’t Ignore Existing Heart Issues

If your elderly family member is already dealing with heart issues, then the big goal is likely to keep things from getting worse. Having home health may be exactly what your elderly family member needs. Home health care providers can focus on helping your senior to stick with her care plan and can help her doctor to stay abreast of what’s going on with her heart health.

Bring in Home Health Care Services

Home health care can also help you to feel less overwhelmed with the prospect of doing the right thing for your senior’s overall well-being. Knowing that there’s someone there who knows what to look for and what might indicate a problem can give you and your senior so much peace of mind.

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