Fall prevention is high on the list of tasks that family caregivers worry about. Sometimes a fall is a fluke situation, but more often than not there’s something preventable that wasn’t accounted for and that’s what caused your senior to fall. Some of these tasks can help you avoid an injury.

Home Health Care Stonybrook NY - Four Simple Fall Prevention Tasks to Check Off Your List

Home Health Care Stonybrook NY – Four Simple Fall Prevention Tasks to Check Off Your List

Put Handrails Up

Handrails are one of the easiest fall prevention tools you can put in place for your elderly family member. You can put them anywhere that there’s wall space, too. Kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and every other room can all benefit from a secure handrail. Make sure that if you’re installing them that you anchor them firmly to the wall so they can support your senior’s weight.

Chase Down Electrical Cords

Electrical cords can become a problem in a hurry. You might not think that it’s a big deal to have one cord stretched across a section of floor that your senior doesn’t use often. The problem is that if she uses that pathway even once, she can catch herself and end up tripping. Cords are particularly troublesome if your elderly family member uses a cane or walker, as the tips of these devices can get tangled in the cords.

Banish the Clutter

Clutter builds up very quickly and if it has been a problem for your elderly family member in the past, you’ll need to be extra vigilant going forward. Anything can become clutter, too, even items that your senior loves, uses often, and doesn’t want to get rid of. The key is going to be finding a safe and logical place for those items unless they’re something that really does need to go.

Evaluate the Carpet

What is the carpet like in your senior’s home? If it’s secure and doesn’t have any holes, tears, or worn spots, then it can probably serve her well still. But if there are any problems, like spots of the carpet that slip a little bit, that can cause a fall at some point. Depending on the state of the carpet, it might need to be removed or replaced.

Some of these are solutions you’ll need to come back to time and again. They’re simple, but they can easily take over again and create a hazard. Home health care providers can help you to stay on top of these situations so that you can ensure that they don’t pose a problem for your elderly family member.

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