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Hospital to Home Transition Care Assists with Smooth Shift Home

Returning home from the hospital is especially important for seniors. Handled properly, this transition time can assist seniors in recovering well.

When seniors get discharged from the hospital, it’s not necessarily as simple a process as just hopping in the car and heading home. Depending on how long they were in the hospital, and why, seniors may need quite a bit of help coming home smoothly when they are finally ready to do so. Navigating that situation alone is overwhelming, even when someone is in good health. Hospital to home transition care can offer a lot of assistance, ensuring seniors come home with the support they need.

Beyond the Basics

Hospital to Home Transition Huntington NY - Hospital to Home Transition Care Assists with Smooth Shift Home
Hospital to Home Transition Huntington NY – Hospital to Home Transition Care Assists with Smooth Shift Home

There’s so much more going on when seniors come home from the hospital than simply going home and picking up a new prescription or two along the way. Seniors may need help incorporating multiple medications, and new side effects, into their daily lives. They may also need assistive devices and other durable medical equipment at home to remain mobile. It’s also important to remember that seniors may need help with tasks like bathing and getting dressed. Hospital to home transition care can help them to find all of this help and more.

Personalized Approaches Make a Difference

Each senior’s situation is different, of course. Seniors and family caregivers may need help learning more about the health issues that caused them to need a hospital stay. They may also need additional education about what to expect at home. Coordinating care during recovery is also something that needs to be adapted for each situation. Some seniors may also need additional emotional support, for example, and hospital to home transition care can help them find that assistance.

Investing in a Smooth Transition Home

Families need to understand why the transition home needs care and attention for their seniors. Rehospitalization is systemically expensive, but it can also be expensive for seniors in a variety of ways. When seniors have to head back to the hospital because they’ve experienced health setbacks, they may have even more trouble recovering. They lose time and potentially have to battle health issues longer than they should have to.

Empowering Seniors for a Brighter Recovery

Hospital to home transition care works with seniors and family caregivers to put together a plan that ensures they get the help they need to recover well. When seniors don’t have to find these resources on their own, they’re better able to simply focus on healing. Having the tools they need to recover well means that they experience the comforts of home while also regaining independence and managing health issues effectively.

Discharge instructions are the start of helping seniors recover well at home. Hospital to home transition care can help seniors and family caregivers to look beyond those instructions to what else seniors might need. Care experts understand how vital it is to ensure that seniors get the support they need while recovering, and they can help families access that support as needed. Ideally, that means that fewer seniors end up rehospitalized, which allows them to continue healing and regaining both strength and independence.

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