Senior Care in Plainview NY

Art is a wonderful way to enhance your senior care journey with your aging loved ones by stimulating their minds, encouraging creativity and imagination, and fostering sharing, conversation, Senior-Care-Plainview-NYand self-expression. Supporting the local art community together is a fantastic way to get all of these benefits of art, while also encouraging your senior parents to feel more relevant within the community, less isolated, and more active.

Support the local art community also allows you to be a more active part of the world around you, making valuable connections with your neighbors, showing pride in your community, and supporting artists at a personal level.


Some ways that you, your aging loved ones, and their senior health care services provider can support the local art community together include:

• Attend a gallery opening. Artists that have an exhibit in a gallery often have openings. Though some are private, many are free and open to the public, which means you can go to the gallery and explore the art with other people from the community. These events often include wine and light snacks, live music, and opportunities to meet the artist. These openings are the perfect opportunity for you to talk about different art pieces, share opinions, enjoy lively debates about the meaning behind the art, and make connections with other people.

• Go on an art walk. Areas that have multiple art galleries often host events called art walks. These encourage people to walk from gallery to gallery enjoying the art of several different artists and often partaking in related activities such as traveling dinners, concerts, or wine tastings. These are a fun way to get some physical activity while also stimulating your parents’ minds and supporting your relationship.

• Attend a special exhibit. Check with the local art museum to find out about their next special exhibit of local artists. Admission to these exhibits or donations made at the exhibits often go to support scholarships, fellowships, and other opportunities for local artists.

• Attend a fair. Fall and spring are popular times for art fairs, while winter is a fantastic time to go to indoor arts and crafts events. Head to these and do some shopping for holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding, and other special event gifts. These items are unique and special, and purchasing them supports the artist, which allows them to make a living doing what they love.

• Go to a class. Get in touch with the local community college, adult education center, or art museum to find out about art technique classes. This is a great opportunity for you to get out of the house, change up your routine, and learn something new with your aging loved ones. Learn how to draw, paint, do pottery, or even photography to stimulate your mind, nurture creativity and imagination, and bond your relationship closer.


Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about hiring a senior health care services provider who can help you create a personalized care approach for your parents.


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