Never underestimate just how tough it can be to talk to an elderly parent about certain issues. No matter how close you may be to your mom or dad, they’re still your parent.

Senior Care Great Neck NY - Two Ways You Might Bring Up Senior Care as an Option for an Elderly Parent?

Senior Care Great Neck NY – Two Ways You Might Bring Up Senior Care as an Option for an Elderly Parent?

And they still see the relationship through one lens.

So, when you begin noticing things changing, they call on you for help, or don’t seem like their ‘old self’ anymore, you may know in your heart that a change would benefit them, but they may not want to hear it.

People become rooted in their habits.

It doesn’t matter what a person’s age is: they want to continue doing things the way they’ve grown accustomed to over time. But, as seniors, that’s not always easy.

In fact, eventually elderly men and women will need assistance to do a number of tasks.

It might start with lawn care, clearing snow in the winter, or getting things up or down from the attic. When they start calling on others for help more and more frequently, that’s when the topic of senior care should come up.

But how do you bring the subject up to someone who either shut down the conversation in the past or who you think might just do that now?

First, learn everything you can about senior care.

Unless you’re an expert in the field, there’s a lot to learn. Many people have preconceived ideas about senior care and what it offers, and that might describe you, too.

You need to unlearn the falsehoods if any exist and learn the truth. Senior care is often one of the best options and support systems for aging adults.

Most people simply don’t know very much about senior care to begin with. They make assumptions and rely on preconceived notions instead. Make a deliberate effort to learn everything you can about this amazing support option.

Second, focus on activities your elderly parent gave up.

Depending on their age, it could be a long list of things, but that’s okay. However, focus on the things he or she still misses.

You’ll know which activities these are by what they talk about.

Listen. Ask questions. Pay attention. When you know as much as you can about senior care and some of the activities they gave up are possible, with the physical assistance of a senior care aide, that’s a great way to bring up the topic.

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