Senior Care in Rockville Center NY

Your parent has always been a keepsake kind of person. Every vacation ended up with a bag of mementos making their way back home. Each birthday party was marked by a symbolic token. On Senior-Care-in-Rockville-Center-NYtop of those, your parent got into collectables. The collection of vases, dishes and pottery items along with the caps from almost every state in America has become somewhat overwhelming. Counters, sinks and even the stove seem to be buried under piles of unknown. This is the point where an affinity for collecting becomes hoarding—when you can no longer use the home in a functional matter.

Why the Elderly are Prone

In addition to accumulation, hoarders are unable to relinquish. It’s the lack of ability to “let go” that clearly defines someone with this disorder and why the elderly are at risk. Holding on can be a form of control when everything else going on in their life feels out of their control. They may have lost their driver’s license due to safety issues. They may be slowly losing their ability to take care of themselves. Their home environment may have changed and they may be suffering from a sense of loneliness because they are living alone for the first time in many years.

Helping them Find a Way Out

Remember that what appears to you and others as clutter are treasures and memories to your parent. If control, and loss of, is part of the issue, arriving with a group of friends and family to help them de-clutter is probably not going to be looked on with appreciation by your parent. Third-party intervention may be the best bet as far as addressing the issue conversationally. If your parent has developed a relationship with their senior care provider, consider asking them to address the issue with subtle observations. They are enough removed to not make your loved one uncomfortable, yet close enough that your parent will feel they can communicate. Once a date is set, reassure your parent that their feelings will be honored and that you’ll be there with them every step of the way. Make the day seem like a celebration by inviting friends and family that are helping to bring a dish over for a potluck. Place items in one of three boxes—keep, give away, or throw away—and enjoy a meal shared while making a space a home.


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