Every day is different for every caregiver, but there are some distinct similarities in the experiences that caregivers have. Your individual approach is what can help you to get through.

Senior Care Stonybrook NY - Five Typical Tasks You’ll Encounter as a Caregiver

Senior Care Stonybrook NY – Five Typical Tasks You’ll Encounter as a Caregiver

Solving Emergent Issues

Problems are a regular part of every day as a caregiver. You might find that your days feel like one long series of emergencies that you keep having to manage and to solve. This gets exhausting quickly and it takes you away from what you really want to be doing, which is helping your senior to be as safe and as healthy as she can be. Putting plans in place that limit emergencies can help quite a bit.

Juggling Appointments

As your senior’s health becomes more of a challenge, she may have more frequent appointments with doctors and with other specialists. For some caregivers, managing and scheduling these appointments can feel like a full-time job. You may need some help not only keeping track of the different appointments, but also helping your senior to get where she needs to go when she needs to go.

Sorting Through Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork you’ll manage, too. It might come from those same doctor’s appointments, insurance companies, and all sorts of other sources. It’s vital that you have a way to corral and to make paperwork accessible. A flexible accordion file is one way to manage paperwork, but you might also use a 3-ring binder or some other means of keeping track of things.

Managing Health Equipment

Your senior may need a variety of health equipment and you’ll likely need to become adept with those tools. Something as simple as a home blood pressure monitor might not be intimidating. But a wheelchair or an oxygen concentrator might feel a little more out of your realm of experience. For these situations, you might consider hiring senior care providers to give you an extra set of hands and to loan you their expertise.

Enjoying Time with Your Senior

Spending time with your senior is probably the best perk of being a caregiver. Make sure that you do what you can to enjoy that time together. That might mean setting aside time for meals together or picking up a hobby together. Whatever it is that you both enjoy doing is fair game.

It’s also important that your day includes at least a little bit of self-care. That’s what helps you to push through and keep going for your senior.

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