How Senior Home Care Supports Your Role in Helping Your Dad

Your dad is getting older, and it’s hard to ignore the fact that his mobility and stamina are diminishing. He wants to stay in his current home, and you want to make sure that’s possible. Have you considered the benefits of senior home care services for your dad?

He Has People Checking On Him Regularly

Senior Home Care Dix Hills NY - How Senior Home Care Supports Your Role in Helping Your Dad

Senior Home Care Dix Hills NY – How Senior Home Care Supports Your Role in Helping Your Dad

With senior home care aides visiting each day or several times a week, your dad’s always being checked on. You may live several states away, but he has a caregiver stopping by to make sure his home is warm enough, that he has water and electricity, and that he has food and medications.

If your dad relies on propane, heating oil, or kerosene to heat his home in the winter, his caregiver can make sure the delivery is scheduled so that he doesn’t run out. If a delivery is scheduled, the caregiver can make sure the path to the fueling areas is clear of obstacles. If there is a problem, the caregiver can alert you or a nearby family member.

His Home is Clean

Caregivers can clean your dad’s home. When he has home care services, someone else can make the bed, change the sheets, and do the laundry. His caregiver can vacuum, dust, and wipe down surfaces.

After a meal, his caregiver can load the dishwasher or wash dishes, put things away when they’re clean and dry, and properly store leftovers. Caregivers can also water plants, bring in the mail, and help your dad keep his home organized.

He Never Skips a Dose of His Medication

Your dad often forgets to take his pills. When he does, he takes twice as much even though that’s not safe. Hire a caregiver to help your dad by offering medication reminders. When it’s time to refill his prescriptions, he has the help he needs. Plus, his caregiver can drive him to the pharmacy.

His Senior Home Care Aide Can Cook Meals and Snacks and Provide Transportation

Your dad’s caregiver can make meals and prepare snacks for him. Instead of reheating canned soup or pasta or eating frozen dinners, he can have home-cooked meals. His caregivers can discuss what he wants each week, help him form a shopping list, and prepare meals when he’s ready to eat.

Your dad’s caregiver can take over the driving. Your dad’s vision or health has deteriorated to a point that his doctor told him to stop driving. With senior home care services available, your dad has rides to stores, medical offices, and other area businesses and organizations.

With home care, your dad won’t miss upcoming appointments. His caregivers can remind him when it’s appointment day and make sure he gets to that appointment on time. He also has a caregiver to help him schedule future appointments.

Senior home care services can help your dad feel safe and independent as he ages. He’ll have caregivers around to help with daily routines and transportation. Learn more by calling our senior home care specialist.

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