How To Engage Socially with a Senior With Alzheimer’s

Increasing a senior’s social activity helps improve and support brain health. This is one of the reasons senior home care encourages as much social interaction with family and friends. As the child of the senior or a friend of the senior, it is important to understand how Alzheimer’s affects the brain, what stage the senior is in, and how to appropriately communicate with them. Senior home care can help seniors in the early stages live comfortably at home or age in place. Home care aides can also help you understand the importance of your visit and how to talk to them.

Senior Home Care Manhasset NY - How To Engage Socially with a Senior With Alzheimer's

Senior Home Care Manhasset NY – How To Engage Socially with a Senior With Alzheimer’s

They are professionals that are very good at diffusing a situation that may leave you feeling flustered and like you don’t want to visit. The most important thing senior home care can encourage is that you remain patient and understand that Alzheimer’s is a disease that can influence and change ones personality. The further stages may mean your loved one says things they would never normally say.

Some seniors may get frustrated with too much social interaction, and senior home care will tell you when they’ve had too much or when it is a good time to visit. They can help keep a senior with Alzheimer’s on schedule and ensure they do enough activities to feel happy. You should always ask care provider when the best time to come over is and what activities you can do with your loved one. They may help set up a plan or activity that can make the senior happy.

Tips To Help Keep a Senior Socially Engaged

Senior home care will spend a lot of time with the seniors and truly get to know them after a while. Even a senior with Alzheimer’s will have their own personality, wants, and desires. Care providers do more than just watch after your loved one, they also provide companionship and friendship. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your loved one stays more socially engaged.

Visit Often

You may not think much of visiting your loved one or may feel like you never have time. However, one visit every week can be the highlight of their week, especially when they are comfortable with you. This allows them to have something to look forward to and provides a way for them to be social.

Play Games With Them

When you go on a visit you can bring things to do with you. Maybe you like painting or maybe they like to do crafts. You can pick up something special and share it with them. This is a step above and beyond social engagement.

Plan Social Visits and Check in with Their Senior Home Care Provider

If you plan on bringing someone else with you ensure the senior home care provider knows. You may need to plan this in advance to give both the aide and the senior time to prepare. This may be out of their normal routine which can impact the mood of a senior.


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