Top Risk Factors for a Stroke

Also called a brain attack, a stroke occurs when one of two things happens: either something blocks the blood supply to the brain (such as plaque buildup) or a blood vessel ruptures. When either of these events occurs, parts of the brain may become damaged and die, causing long-term damage or even death. Quick treatment is essential in helping someone who has a stroke. Make sure anyone who cares for your loved one knows the symptoms of a stroke, including his family members as well as his senior home care team. Most senior home care providers are well trained in these aspects but it’s always wise to ask, especially if your loved one has any of these risk factors that may increase the risk that she’ll have a stroke.

Race, sex, and age.

Senior Home Care Rockville Center NY - Top Risk Factors for a Stroke

Senior Home Care Rockville Center NY – Top Risk Factors for a Stroke

We’ve included these three together because while they are unchangeable in your loved one, each one may increase her risk for a stroke.

  • Age. The risk of stroke doubles every ten years after a person turns 55.
  • Sex. Women are more likely to have a stroke than men. Hormonal changes from menopause can increase stroke risk.
  • Race or Ethnicity. Pacific Islanders and people who are non-Hispanic black are much more likely to suffer from a stroke than other races or ethnicities.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Many habits that have been carried through a lifetime can really begin to catch up with a person’s health as they get older, leading to many health issues, as well as an increased risk of stroke. If your elderly loved one already has an increased risk due to circumstances she cannot change, she should practice healthy lifestyle choices as much as possible to keep her risk lower. Here is a quick list of what to review with your loved one and her senior home care provider to see where she can make better choices.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption. Women should have no more than one drink a day, men: two.
  • Quit smoking. Tobacco use damages blood vessels and the heart, increasing the risk of a stroke.
  • Be regularly active. Exercise can lower the risk of stroke by keeping other health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure at bay.
  • Enjoy a healthy diet. Getting plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains while avoiding saturated fats and excess sodium will reduce the possibility of a stroke.

Other health conditions.

If your loved one has diabetes, sickle cell disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure, helping her manage these conditions will help reduce the risk that a stroke will occur. Many other conditions cause extra stress on the heart and the blood vessels so keeping them under control and managed will help your loved one to stay in good health. Working with her doctor as well as her senior home care team will provide the support and encouragement she might need to stay focused on the better choices for her life and help her not become another stroke statistic.

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