Did You Know Skilled Nursing Care Helps With Diabetes Education?

The American Diabetes Association chose the fourth Tuesday of March to be Diabetes Alert Day more than 30 years ago. The point of this day is to alert people to the dangers of improper care and lifestyle choices when they have diabetes. You care for your mom, but you’re still new to the things she needs after her diabetes diagnosis. Did you know that skilled nursing care providers can help educate you, your mom, and other family caregivers?

Learn more about the services skilled nurses offer.

Medication Administration by a Skilled Nursing Care Aide

Skilled Nursing Care Stonybrook NY - Did You Know Skilled Nursing Care Helps With Diabetes Education?

Skilled Nursing Care Stonybrook NY – Did You Know Skilled Nursing Care Helps With Diabetes Education?

Your mom’s doctor will go over medications to help her stabilize her blood sugar levels. She might take oral medications or insulin. If she takes insulin, she’ll need to check her glucose levels several times a day and record those readings.

Your mom might have other health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, or anemia that require her to take prescription medications or iron supplements. She needs to balance those medications with her diabetes medications. A skilled nurse helps her with medication administration and adjustments as she finds the medications that work the best.

Dietary Requirements

Your mom’s diet may need to change. Family caregivers need to learn how to prepare diabetic-friendly meals that focus on whole grains, lean protein, and a lot of vegetables. Leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and non-starchy vegetables are ideal.

Your mom’s diabetes education nurse helps her learn how to shop for suitable ingredients. They’ll go through her cabinets and pantry to show her the items that have hidden sugar.

Foot Care

Diabetics may have nerve health issues that prevent them from feeling pain. A sore on the bottom of the foot can become infected and lead to amputation. Routine inspections of the feet are essential for this reason.

A nurse can teach your mom what she needs to do to take care of her feet. This includes checking them for cracks and sores, keeping them moisturized, and properly trimming the nails to avoid an ingrown nail.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Your mom hasn’t been active for years, and it needs to change, but she struggles to walk around for more than a few minutes. Diabetes specialists often recommend working with a physical therapist and occupational therapist.

Your mom has the input of these specialists as they create programs to help her build strength and stamina and learn how to take better care of herself until she has the strength. She may need to learn how to use a cane when walking or a shower seat to check her feet for problems while she’s showering.

It’s time to learn everything you can about your mom’s diabetes care needs. Arrange an educational visit from skilled nurses to find out everything you should know about your mom’s diet, exercise needs, and blood sugar levels. Call our skilled nursing care specialist to get started.

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