MONTAUK, NY—Star Multi Care Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Sternbach, and Chief Financial Officer, David Schoenberg  hosted their annual Administrator’s Meeting at the beautiful Montauk Yacht Club last week.  Fifteen of the company’s management staff attended the three-day event.STAR EMPLOYEES VISIT MONTAUK YACHT CLUB

During the “Meeting of the Minds” themed event, Stephen and David took to the Boardroom to review the previous year’s successes, as well as to develop new and improved programs for the upcoming fiscal year.  The primary discussions this year included evolving health care reform, wage parity issues, recruitment/retention enhancements and a social media push.  There was also a series of team building exercises that allowed the group to get out of the meeting room and into the clean Montauk air.

Debbie Kelly, Manager of Corporate Administration stated, “This event is always an encouraging and enlightening experience”.   “It provides our company’s leaders the opportunity to meet in person, assemble at a location that promotes collaboration and relaxation, and most importantly, to speak freely about very significant, evolving social and economic issues that our employees and clients are currently facing which potentially could affect the care we deliver”, she continued.

Each year Star Multi Care hosts a similar year-end review and brain storming session with their management team.  With offices in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida the event usually takes place in various locations throughout the eastern United States.  Stephen Sternbach’s motivation is simple “I find it extremely rewarding to gather my management team, the true foundation of the success of my company, and watch them interact, share relevant experiences and exchange knowledge.  The energy and ideas generated from these events get better each year.  I truly believe this collaboration is essential and the very core of what has made our company so successful for nearly 30 years”.

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