Lilieth M.  Home Health Aide

Lilieth M. Home Health Aide

Lilieth M. has been working as a Home Health Aide for over seven years.  In 2011 she sought a career change and applied to work at Star Multi Care Services.   Since then, she has not looked back.

She came to the Company in search of a better opportunity and found it at the New York office.  “I wanted a career change and heard Star Multi Care was a good company to work for”.  She has been happy ever

since.  “Some patients are very appreciative in what I do for them”, she continued.  That sense of appreciation is the same reward most caregivers hope to receive.  The demands of being a Home Health Aide can be overwhelming but when appreciation is shown for the work they do, it can be very meaningful and rewarding.

Star Multi Care is a company who believes in showing their appreciation on a regular basis.  They have a newly defined benefit program which is highlighted with an Employee of The Year Program.  The Program was started in 2004 and has been a sought after reward every year.

In 2016, Lilieth M. was named Employee of the Year for the continual praises she receives from her supervisors and clients.  “It’s the aides like Lilieth that can make a company great”, said Lauren Scalcione, Star Multi Care’s Administrator.  She has been praised by her clients as an amazing caretaker and a very loyal, dependable employee.  Lauren stated, “we have the utmost confidence when she is assigned to one of our patients as we know they are in amazing hands!   She has been with her current patient since the case started in May 2013.  That is an amazing testament to the kind of employee that Lilly is, and we are so grateful to have her on our team!”

Star Multi Care continually strives to reward the most valuable employees with various recognition events.  “We want to be seen as an Employee Focused Company”, Lauren said.  “We know that our employees are our best referral sources so we do what we can to keep them happy”, she concluded.

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