Can Multigenerational Care Simplify Your Life?

If you are like many family caregivers throughout the United States you are a member of what is known as the sandwich generation. This refers to the group of adults who are sandwiched in between caring for their elderly parent and raising their own children. This puts you in a unique position of being able to benefit the different generations of your family while building strong relationships and creating memories and legacies that will be precious to you for years to ... Read more

What Are the Best Ways to Keep Caregiver Stress from Taking Over?

Caregiver in Huntington NY Caregivers are subject to a great deal of stress during their time offering care to others. Some days it's easier to manage than it is on other days, but these ideas can help. Practice Patience and Compassion Having patience with your elderly loved one and the other people that you encounter during your days will help you to automatically keep stress in check. When you're impatient, your stress levels are bound to rise along with your impatience. Maintaining compassion is ... Read more