Creating an Environment of Healing in Your Senior’s Home

In the vast majority of situations, if your elderly adult goes to the emergency room or undergoes a medical procedure or treatment, their healing doesn't stop when they walk out the door of the facility. Instead, they continue the recovery process at home. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to take as many steps as possible to help them make the most of this recovery time. That includes creating an environment of healing in their home so they ... Read more

How Can You Tell that You Are Feeling Overwhelmed by Caregiving?

When you've got a lot of different situations going on in your life, being a caregiver can become extremely overwhelming. Overwhelm is that feeling when you're battling upstream constantly and getting nowhere. You might even feel as if you have to step completely away from caregiving. In many cases, managing the overwhelm can keep you functioning as a caregiver. You're Experiencing Feelings of Depression Depression can be subtle, but the symptoms are usually the same. People suffering from depression tend to feel ... Read more