Why Older Adults Should be Drinking Iced Tea

Home Care in Stonybrook NY The hot, humid days of summer call for a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink. If tea is usually your loved one’s go-to drink, they will also enjoy a cold glass of iced tea. This drink will not only help cool them down, but also has several health perks. Older adults who are in need of a home care service due to a chronic illness or pain may also appreciate what iced tea can do for their bodies. Benefits of Drinking ... Read more

Home Care Awareness: Are Your Parents Losing Too Much Weight?

Home Care in Stonybrook NY Many home care journeys feature a goal of getting seniors to a healthy weight and helping them to maintain it. This often involves adjusting their diet and encouraging them to get more physical activity so that they can trim off those excess pounds and keep them off for better health throughout their later years. What if, however, your parents not only do not need to reduce their weight, but seem to have lost too much weight? Realizing ... Read more