Should Seniors with Cancer use Radiation Therapy?

Senior Care in Great Neck NY Radiation therapy, also known as Radiation Oncology, is a popular treatment option for cancer patients. It can help kill the cancerous cells by itself or along with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy. According to Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer, radiation therapy is responsible for up to 40 percent of cancer cures world-wide. This type of treatment has been effective at curing breast, bowel, and prostate cancer. As highly effective as radiation therapy is, is it the right ... Read more

How Seniors Can Keep From Falling at Home

Senior Care in Great Neck NY Seniors get hurt at home more than any other location. One study showed that of the seniors who fall 40% of them experience fractures in their hip and 20% of them die as die as a result of injuries sustained during a fall. For those receiving senior care at home, it is vitally important to make sure their homes are as fall-proof as possible. Avoid Trips and Falls When Walking The first way to help seniors keep from ... Read more