When Do Alzheimer’s Patients Need 24-Hour Care?

Your mom has Alzheimer’s disease, which isn’t surprising given that 6.5 million Americans have this common form of dementia. But, it also brings up many questions. One of the questions on your mind is when will your mom need 24-hour home care services?

What are the signs you should be looking for? How do you know when it’s time to make sure she always has someone with her? These are the things to pay close attention to.

Paranoia and Delusions Begin

People don’t always realize that paranoia and delusions are common symptoms in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s. Your mom may start to see or hear things that aren’t there. They’re real to her, though, so they will be frightening and she’ll want someone to keep her safe from those things.

Insomnia Sets In

24-Hour Home Care Rockville Center NY - When Do Alzheimer's Patients Need 24-Hour Care?

24-Hour Home Care Rockville Center NY – When Do Alzheimer’s Patients Need 24-Hour Care?

Insomnia is common in Alzheimer’s, and it can be extremely frustrating. Your mom may only be sleeping for two or three hours each night, but you need your sleep. You can’t survive on that little sleep.

When your mom is falling asleep at 10 p.m. and waking up for good at 1 a.m., it’s important that you’re not the one getting up with her. Have someone there to stay up with her at night while you sleep.

24-Hour Home Care Can Cook for her When she Can’t

Your mom is good at starting to cook a meal and walking away. If that’s happening frequently, she cannot cook anymore. You may need to have a power shut-off to keep her from being able to use the oven or stovetop.

Your mom may start to make a pot of decaf coffee and forget to put the carafe or cup in place so it goes everywhere. She needs supervision.

Her cravings for meals and snacks may not be fluid. She might want to eat every two hours, so someone needs to be ready to help her get another snack or light meal.

She Takes Many Medications

As Alzheimer’s progresses, your mom may be taking more than her Alzheimer’s medications. She might be on antidepressants, antipsychotics, nutritional supplements, and antibiotics if she has a UTI. If she’s on medications that require doses every four hours or so, she’ll need someone who is awake and ready to remind her to take the next dose.

Don’t Wait Until She’s Wandered Off

Many family members don’t realize how bad it’s gotten until a parent wanders away. Don’t wait until that point. If you’ve ever heard your mom say she wants to go home, she could easily start wandering. If she goes out with you and doesn’t recognize her house, she needs constant supervision.

Ideally, get your mom used to having caregivers around in the earlier stages of the disease. When the need arises that she requires 24-hour home care, she’ll already be used to having caregivers around. Call our 24-hour home care expert to get started.

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