Elderly Care in Massapequa NY

Having the right to drive in the United States and in many other parts of the world is considered a sign of independence.  Teenagers obtain their driver’s license, they see it as the first true step intoElderly Care in Massapequa NY the new world of independent living. Yes, those teenagers often rely on their parents for the rest of their high school career and well into college, but having a car to get around in means they won’t have to rely on their parents anymore to drive them to friends, to work, to school, or anywhere else they want to go. They may need permission, but that’s a different story.

As people get older, their ability to process information, react to external stimuli, and problem-solving skills can diminish. If it does, it can make an elderly individual more dangerous behind the wheel than they were just a few years earlier.

Below are three signs that may indicate it’s time to talk to your senior loved one about giving up his or her license to drive:

Sign #1: They have been involved in an accident recently.

Millions of people are involved in traffic accidents every year around the world. That doesn’t mean they should give up their license, but when a senior is involved in a traffic accident, whether it was a minor fender bender or something more significant, it could be related to his or her ability to make quick decisions and react.

Sign #2: They are driving well below the speed limit.

It’s important that people don’t speed, but if somebody is driving significantly lower than the posted speed limit, they actually become just as much of a danger as somebody driving too fast.  Seniors may begin driving below the speed limit because if they go any faster, they may feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Sign #3: They have mentioned some concerns they have behind the wheel.

Many people are reluctant to give up their license to drive, but if the senior who relies on elderly care has expressed some concerns when behind the wheel, it’s time to discuss getting him or her to surrender his or her license.

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