Things You Need To Know If Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s

If you have a senior parent that has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s you’re probably confused and have a lot of questions. That’s normal. It’s also normal to be a little bit scared about the future and to want to learn everything about Alzheimer’s right now so that you can prepare. But the truth is there is no way to prepare for what’s coming. Alzheimer’s affects every person differently and there’s really no way to predict how it will impact your senior parent. Even if your senior parent is still in the early stages of Alzheimer’s you and your family should get Alzheimer’s care services for your senior parent now.

Even though you may be confused and going through a lot of emotions right now there are some things that you should know like:

Alzheimer’s Care Is Something All Seniors Should Have

Alzheimer's Care Great Neck NY - Things You Need To Know If Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Care Great Neck NY – Things You Need To Know If Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s

Having Alzheimer’s care can help you and your family take better care of your senior loved one because they have experience with Alzheimer’s. And you can learn from their experience too. In the long run, it will help if your senior parent has a strong relationship with a caregiver because that bond will help them recognize their caregiver longer as the disease progresses.

You Can Learn As You Go

You don’t have to know everything about Alzheimer’s right now. It is a good idea to start learning more about the symptoms of the progression of Alzheimer’s, how it could manifest for your senior parent, and where you can find support from others going the same thing. But there’s a learning process. No one expects you to know everything right away. Take your time and make sure that you’re giving yourself time to process everything.

Treasure Every Moment

The clock is already ticking, so don’t waste a single moment with your senior parent. Start playing brain games and doing everything possible to extend their cognitive skills. But also start capturing special moments and appreciating the time that you have with them now. Take photos. Lots of photos. And lots of videos. Videos of the most mundane things will mean everything down the line. Record your senior parent singing happy birthday, saying your name, and telling your children a story. As the disease progresses and those moments are no longer possible you will appreciate having those videos more than you think you will.

Your Senior Parent Is A Person, Not A Disease

Sometimes the children of seniors with Alzheimer’s think that by being as prepared as possible they can beat Alzheimer’s. But you can’t. No matter how prepared you are to battle this disease in the end it will win. So don’t waste time focusing on the disease. Focus on your senior loved one. Spend all the time you can with them now and make memories that you can hang onto when the caregiver becomes difficult. Those good moments and memories will sustain you when you are overwhelmed and tired.

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