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A person who’s considering hiring home care services, whether it’s for themselves or a family member, Home Care Services in Manhasset NYmay have a number of questions that arise. Asking questions is one of the best ways to gather valuable and pertinent information. However, some people have a tendency to ‘clam up’ when they have an opportunity to actually ask those questions of somebody in person.

Maybe they have a tendency to go online and gather as much information as they can about certain services, including home care services. There is a wealth of information available online, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right type of information, at least for the individual or their family member.

June is Effective Communications Month, and is good reminder that asking questions is part of quality communication.

What is effective communication?

In order to truly explain what effective communication means, it’s necessary to begin talking about the two-way street the communication should be. Communication is about expressing an idea and also listening. Many people have a tendency to talk and hear what somebody’s saying back to them, but they may not really listen clearly enough to make it an effective communication.

For people who need support or assistance at home, it’s essential that they fully understand the challenges they’re facing at this time. For a family member who is helping an elderly loved one find the right type of care at home, that family member needs to understand all of the challenges the senior’s facing at that time.

Seniors may need help getting to the store or doctors’ appointments because they lost their license to drive. There certainly may be friends or neighbors who can drive them, but trying to figure out a schedule and get somebody available at the times they need assistance may be challenging. They may have diminished strength and don’t feel comfortable walking up and down stairs, so they don’t do the laundry. Maybe they also have a tendency to avoid taking a shower because the prospect of stepping into the tub frightens them.  Asking questions and listening will give that family member the right information to go out and seek the right type of care.

Then it’s a matter of contacting a home care agency in the area and talking about various caregivers they may be able to provide for this senior. Asking questions about availability, experience, training, their approach to working with seniors, and more can all help focus the search and ultimately find the ideal caregiver for that particular individual. Asking questions is often the best way to find out the truth and get the highest quality of care for somebody who needs it.

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