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Is it possible to die of old age when a person is only a teenager?  Yes it is. There is an extremely rare disease called “Progeria,” which causes children to age up to eight or ten times faster than other people.Pediatric Home Health in Rockville Center NY In the entire world, there are only about two hundred children with this condition.

Wikipedia says that the name of this disease comes from two Greek words, “pro” meaning before and “geras” meaning old age. Understanding this disease is of critical importance, because the research may unlock what actually causes the aging process in human beings.

Most people desire to live a long life and then peacefully expire in our sleep without any disease, pain, or suffering. The Guinness Book of World Records says the world-record holder for living to the oldest age is Jeanne Louise Calment of France who lived to be 122 years-old and 164 days.  Jeanne lived through the global calamity of two world wars, she saw the invention of television occur, air flight happen, and modern rocket science. One of the most interesting moments she recalled was meeting the artist Vincent Van Gough. He bought some colored pencils from her shop in Arles, France. Her recollection of the encounter was that he was scruffy and reeked of alcohol! Van Gough’s most famous painting of “Sunflowers” was done at this time. It sold for a record $55 million at auction long after his death.

Living Long or Living Short – It is Living Well that Counts
On the one hand we have these sterling examples like Jeanne, who live to a ripe old age and seem to break all the rules. Then we have the rare and extraordinary children like Hayley Okines, who died at the age of 17 because her body aged too quickly. The Daily Mail reports, the average lifespan of a child with Progeria is thirteen years.

Life is Precious
No matter how long or short life is for any particular person, one thing is certain and that is life is precious. It really does not matter how long people live in comparison to how well they live. There is hope that research into the causes of Progeria will unlock the secrets that will help everyone live longer lives. Promising things are being discovered.  The Daily Mail reports that a single gene called LMNA, when mutated, causes rapid aging. A new drug called Ionafarnib seems to slow this process providing hope for those with Progeria as well as advancing the science of anti-aging.

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