Elder Care in Rockville Center NY

June is National Safety Month, and there are many things people can do to improve safety for elderly individuals. Relying on elder care is just one aspect of improving safety. For family members, friends, or others who may be concerned about safety for elderly loved ones, below are five tips that can help to Elder Care in Rockville Center NYimprove safety for them.

Tip #1: Talk to them directly. It’s fine to make assumptions, but unless you actually sit down and have a conversation, you might not know the physical challenges and limitations they’re dealing with at the moment. Have a direct and honest conversation about safety and ask questions. They may have concerns about getting up and down the stairs, driving to the store, or other things that they’ve been hesitant to mention.

Tip #2: Address issues with mobility. If the senior has difficulty getting up and down the stairs and lives in a multilevel house, he may want to consider moving to a spare bedroom that is on the same level as the kitchen and other rooms. If that’s not practical, getting the assistance of home care for the elderly could help him safely navigate those stairs.

Tip #3: Improve lighting. When you improve lighting throughout the house, you remove shadows and make it easier for seniors to see objects that could be in their walking path.

Tip #4: Encourage the senior to move various objects out of the way. For example, an accent table in the hallway or a floor lamp near the sofa.  While these pieces may have been in the same place for years, they can easily become a tripping hazard (especially for individuals who have issues with balance).  Encourage the senior to free up the hallway and move things out of common walking areas.

Tip #5: Rely on an experienced caregiver for transportation. Many home care aides provide transportation services to their elderly clients. They can drive them to doctor’s appointments, the mall, the supermarket, to visit friends, and more places.

These tips can help keep seniors safe this summer and for years to come.

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