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There is a tremendous amount of research that highlights the benefits pets can offer seniors, especially those who may be living alone. Nonetheless, many people assume that elderly people shouldn’t have a cat or dog. TheHome Care in Manhasset NY concern is that having a cat may cause an elderly individual to fall if it gets underfoot, or he could lose his balance and fall while cleaning out the litter box.

Consider the following facts regarding seniors and owning a pet:

1. The cat can be an emotional boost. Your mother is going to be dealing with a number of challenges in her life. She may feel isolated, alone, and depressed if she can’t participate in various activities.  Perhaps she is grieving the loss of friends or other loved ones.  The cat can offer her companionship and comfort during those times when she is alone.

2. Relying on a home care provider throughout the day can offer her physical support. Having a professional caregiver in the home to support her as she’s walking down the hall, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, heading down to the basement to do laundry, or even going to the kitchen will provide her with physical support for those moments when the cat may decide to dart around.

3. Many home care aides are able to assist seniors with taking care of their pets.  Most caregivers are willing to help look after the cat, clean the litter box, and do those other basic necessities. The best thing is to contact the home care agency and see what caregivers are available to support your elderly loved one with this task.

June is Adopt a Cat Month and just because a person requires home care, that doesn’t mean he or she should have to give up on pet ownership.  You may be surprised at what home care services can do to help!

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