Being a caregiver for your aging parent is definitely a labor of love. Thanks to all the help and support you provide your parent, she is able to live in her home with safety and good health. But as a caregiver, you’re often juggling multiple balls, living in several worlds serving others, and caring not only for your parent(s), but also other family members, co-workers and hopefully, yourself.

Caregiver Massapequa NY - Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver Massapequa NY – Signs of Caregiver Burnout

And just like that list just mentioned, taking care of yourself is often the last task on your long list of things to do each day. If you’ve been feeling especially exhausted lately, you might be getting to the point of burnout. Burnout looks a little different for everyone, but here are a few key symptoms of caregivers who are doing too much, with too little help.

Having stomach problems – Our gut is often the first area attacked when we’re under stress. If you have found you are struggling with stomach pain or digestive problems, it could be stress of your situation. It could also be that you’re not having the energy or time to eat properly and that’s affecting your stomach.

Losing your temper frequently Everyone loses their temper sometimes, but if you’re finding the smallest of things are setting you off (not only with your aging parent but all of those around you), you may be struggling with burnout.

Feeling fatigued beyond just being tired or sleepy If you’re getting regular sleep but still constantly feeling fatigued, it might be that you have too much on your plate. You might be:

  • Experiencing frequent headaches
  • Battling insomnia or other sleep issues
  • Experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain

Feeling overwhelmed with the simplest of tasks Once you’re done taking care of everything at your parent’s home, if you arrive back home only to fall on the couch, unable to even perform the simplest of tasks, your body and mind might be shutting down due to being overwhelmed.

Feeling resentful of the people you care for – You know you love your parent, but if you find you’re dreading spending time with your parent, even for “fun” activities, you might be doing too much.

Relying on bad habits like smoking or drinking to manage stress – Picking up that cigarette again for the first time in years or needing to have alcohol to help you unwind, could mean you’re reaching for old habits that used to help you deal with difficult times.

Losing touch with friends and loved ones – You might just feel like you don’t have time for anyone else, so you shut them out. Now, more than ever, you need all the people in your life that care for you.

Dropping out of favorite groups and organizations – When dealing with exhaustion and feelings of burnout, it can seem difficult to attend that church service you used to love so much.

Before you can take action to reduce burnout, you have to recognize it. Listen to loved ones if they are expressing for concern for you. Then start taking steps to finding help and healing yourself even as you help your parent with living in her home.

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