It may be no big deal to you to bring in a caregiver to offer extra help to your senior. But your elderly loved one may not have the response to the idea that you expect her to have.

Caregiver Plainview NY - Four Ways to Help Your Senior Adjust to Having a Caregiver

Caregiver Plainview NY – Four Ways to Help Your Senior Adjust to Having a Caregiver

Talk about How a Caregiver Supports Your Senior’s Independence

From your senior’s point of view, having a caregiver around may feel like a sign that she’s not able to take care of herself or that she’s not to be trusted. But having help from a caregiver actually supports your senior’s independence. Talk with your elderly family member about exactly how that can happen in her situation. It may help to bring her doctor in on the conversation to support what you’re saying.

Talk about the Situation Positively Whenever Possible

You’re going to have to be vigilant in your positivity when it comes to this topic. Your elderly family member has the negative side of the conversation cornered, so it’s up to you to bring the positives. If your elderly family member isn’t sold on the idea still, then a trial situation may be the best way to convince her that she’s more likely to experience benefits.

Ease into Having a Caregiver Around, if You Can

If you’re able to do so, then setting up a trial run for your senior with her new caregiver is an excellent plan. This allows you and your elderly family member to work out any difficulties in the arrangement and figure out how to make the situation better for her and for you. With a trial run, your elderly family member gets a chance to see the benefits for herself, which can be more powerful than all the positivity you’re able to muster.

Make it a Point to Touch Base Often

What matters after you and your senior agree to try this out is to touch base about how things are going. It’s important to make sure that your elderly family member feels as if this answer is truly helping her in all the ways that she needs help. As the situation changes, you can make adjustments to help her to feel more comfortable or to more easily meet her needs.

Approaching this possibly thorny topic as gently and positively as you can is going to make a big difference for your senior’s experience. It’s also going to help you to keep your perspective so that you can be there for your elderly family member.

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