Hiring Companion Care at Home to Stay Independent

Your dad’s always told you that he wants to age at home. He doesn’t want to downsize, move in with you, or move to a retirement community. You want to ensure that happens, but you’ve noticed he’s having a harder time. Help him stay independent by arranging the companion care at home services he most needs.

Cleaning Services

Companion Care at Home Rockville Center NY - Hiring Companion Care at Home to Stay Independent

Companion Care at Home Rockville Center NY – Hiring Companion Care at Home to Stay Independent

One of the first areas you may discover your dad needs help with is housework. He can dust and clean his counters, but moving a heavy vacuum is too difficult. He definitely struggles to carry a hamper to the laundry room.

Arrange to have caregivers help with housework. His companion care at home aide can wash the dishes, do the laundry, vacuum carpets, and dry mop wood flooring. His caregiver can change the sheets and towels and make the bed with fresh sheets.

Your dad’s caregiver can run the dishwasher, if he has one, and put all of the clean and dry dishes away. Wiping down counters, the stovetop handles, and door knobs are also completed by caregivers.


Your dad is alone all week and you’re not close enough to visit regularly. With companion care at home, your dad has regular visitors. He has someone to join him for a meal, accompany him on shopping trips, and keep him company during the day.

If he hates watching movies alone, he no longer has to. His caregiver can play Cribbage or other card games with him and join him for walks if he needs the exercise.

Meals Prepared by Companion Care at Home Aides

Do you worry about your dad cooking meals on his own? Does he tend to avoid cooking and opt for a quick sandwich or can of soup instead? Hire caregivers to prepare home-cooked meals for him.

Scheduling and Transportation

Your dad has a hard time scheduling appointments, especially if the system is designed for online scheduling or operates through an automated phone system. Hire caregivers to help your dad schedule his doctor’s visits, prescription refills, haircuts, and other appointments.

His caregiver can remind him when he has appointments coming up and ensure he gets to them on time. You’ll also be kept in the loop so that you know when he’s seeing his doctor, dentist, or therapist.

Your dad no longer drives, but that doesn’t mean he needs to stop going out. He can get a ride to stores, medical offices, and area attractions. His caregiver will drive him where he needs to go and wait for him. When he’s ready to go back home, his caregiver will drive him.

How do you arrange companion care at home? First, write out any questions you and your dad have. Second, reach out to our specialist in companion care at home to ask those questions, get prices, and learn how to schedule caregiver visits.

If you or a family member need to hire Companion Care at Home Services in Rockville Center NY or the surrounding areas, contact the caring professionals at Star Multi Care Services today at (631)956-8835. We are the Right Choice for Home Health Care Services!

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