Besides simply offering a friendly face whenever your senior wants, having companion care at home providers available on a regular basis can be hugely important for her overall health. The best way to protect your senior’s health is to help her to avoid a fall. That’s much easier when someone is able to stay on top of all of the possible risk factors that might affect your elderly family member.

Here are Some Suggestions that Companion Care at Home can Take Care of:

Companion Care at Home Huntington NY - Ways Companion Care at Home Can Help Your Senior to Avoid a Fall

Companion Care at Home Huntington NY – Ways Companion Care at Home Can Help Your Senior to Avoid a Fall

Verifying that Lighting Is Functional

Your senior may not realize that her lighting isn’t bright enough for her to see well. Changing out light bulbs for slightly brighter versions and ensuring that there are enough light fixtures in each room can go a long way toward solving that problem for her. Staying on top of lighting concerns is something that’s easy to forget, too, so it helps to have someone focusing on that.

Clearing Obstacles and Reducing Clutter

Tripping hazards, clutter, and other obstacles are a serious problem for aging adults. With the help of companion care at home, your elderly family member doesn’t have to worry that she’s living in an unsafe environment. As your senior’s needs change, it can be even more difficult for her to keep up with tripping hazards on her own.

Assisting with Mobility Issues

If your elderly family member already has trouble with mobility, it may be essential for her to have help from companion care at home providers as soon as possible. They can ensure that your elderly family member is properly supported as she moves through her home. They can also help her to remember to use mobility aids and ensure that she’s using them properly.

Ensuring Your Senior Is Eating Regularly

One very common cause of falls can be low blood sugar as a result of skipping meals or not eating enough on a regular basis. If that describes your senior, she may need help with cooking and with making sure that she’s got snacks available that are easy for her to grab and to eat. Often seniors who find it difficult or annoying to make meals are getting too few nutrients and that causes their quality of life to suffer.

Companion care at home can do so very much for your senior in order to help her to live the way that she wants to for as long as possible. Doing so requires that she’s in the best possible health, which means avoiding issues like a fall or worse, multiple falls.

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