Personal Care at Home Included in an Aging in Place Plan

You know your parents want to spend the rest of their life in their current home. You’re not sure how possible it is, but you’re willing to talk about it. If there’s the chance care will be needed months or years from now, when is the best time to create a plan for aging at home and how does personal care at home fit into this plan?

Aim for Sooner Rather Than Later

Personal Care at Home Massapequa NY - Personal Care at Home Included in an Aging in Place Plan

Personal Care at Home Massapequa NY – Personal Care at Home Included in an Aging in Place Plan

Your parents may be doing well on their own. That doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. It would be best if you talked to your parents about their plans as soon as you can.

Anything can happen that will change their situation. Your mom might fall and need caregivers to help her with showering and dressing. Your dad may learn he has high blood pressure and needs to monitor his diet carefully and take medications each day.

By discussing different situations, you can have plans in mind in case your parents’ conditions change. You never know when your health might change, an accident will occur, or arthritis pain will flare up. If you already have decided on actions to take in different scenarios, it eases the stress and anxiety when your parents suddenly need a helping hand.

Gather a List of Questions

Your parents and other family members may have questions they want to ask different caregivers before deciding on services. Your sister may want to know what happens if a caregiver’s car won’t start. Your mom wants to see if she can easily change services if her health improves.

Keep that list in a safe place. When you’re stressed because your mom is in the hospital after falling down her stairs, you don’t have to come up with questions in a rush. You’ll have the questions ready to read out when you call a specialist to talk about home care.

Use the Care Plan to Arrange Personal Care at Home

The day comes when your parents need more help than the family can give them. It’s okay because you’re all prepared.

You know what your parents want when it comes to home care services. Call our personal care at home agency, ask questions, and provide the specialist with answers to questions that help create the caregiver’s to-do list.

Hire caregivers to help your parents with the tasks they cannot do independently, but leave them the things they can do on their own. With personal care at home, they’re able to age at home without risking their safety or happiness.

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