Healthy Cold Weather Meals For Seniors

Now that the weather is getting cooler it may be even harder to get seniors interested in food. A shocking number of seniors are malnourished according to studies that have been done. Even seniors that eat regularly can be malnourished if they aren’t getting the right nutrients. If you don’t have the time to cook for your senior parent elder care providers can help with cooking, shopping, and prepping healthy meals so that seniors only need to microwave a meal when they are alone.

Elder Care Floral Park NY - Healthy Cold Weather Meals For Seniors

Elder Care Floral Park NY – Healthy Cold Weather Meals For Seniors

Seniors who are malnourished can lose muscle, lose weight, and suffer other health consequences as a result of not getting the nutrition they need to thrive. When it’s cold outside it’s the perfect time to tempt seniors to eat nutritious hot meals that will be easy for seniors to eat no matter what their health conditions are.

Some of the meals that you or an elder care provider can prepare for your senior parent that are delicious and nutritious are:

Homemade Soups

Soups are very nutritious and they are easy for seniors to eat even if they have medical problems that make them sensitive to certain foods or make it difficult for them to swallow. Substitute bone broth for regular broth or water to add protein and some very healthy vitamins and minerals to the soup base. You can use a huge range of proteins, vegetables, noodles, or rice to make a delicious and nutritious soup that is warming and hearty for seniors in cold weather. Soups are also easy to make and can be made in a slow cooker so that they can simmer safely all day.


Stews are another great slow-cooker meal option. Add some stew meat, vegetables, and bone broth to the slow cooker and let it cook until the meat is tender and delicious. If you make a stew with a tomato base you can poach an egg in the tomato broth to give it a little more protein. Stews can be served with crackers, biscuits, or dumplings to make them a little heartier. Stews are great meals for cold winter nights.

Steel Cut Oats With Fruit

For breakfast or even for a snack seniors will love slow-cooked steel cut oats. Mix whole steel cut oats with milk or heavy cream and cook them in the slow cooker overnight or throughout the morning. Serve with maple syrup and fruit for a healthy and warming breakfast or snack. Whole steel cut oats are very nutritious for seniors but they are also very easy for seniors to eat and won’t upset their stomachs.


Chili can be made with lots of different ingredients so it’s a great last-minute meal to make on a cold day. Tomato-based chili with ground beef and beans has protein, vitamins, and minerals that seniors may not be getting enough of. But a white chili with shredded chicken and white beans is a great option too because it’s lower in fat than beef chili.


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