Home Safety for a Parent with Parkinson’s Disease

The recent Back to the Future reunion of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd gave long-time fans additional insight into the ways Parkinson’s affects people. Parkinson’s is a brain disorder that affects movements and balance, and it’s a disease Fox was diagnosed as having in 1991. He’s lived with the disease for more than 30 years, which is amazing, and much of this is credited to the home care services he receives, medications, deep brain stimulation, and a brain surgery he underwent to ease the tremors that are common in Parkinson’s.

Another important aspect of Parkinson’s care is to make the home as safe as possible. Your dad has Parkinson’s.

It’s time to address these areas of home safety and get home care services.

Home Care Stonybrook NY - Home Safety for a Parent with Parkinson's Disease

Home Care Stonybrook NY – Home Safety for a Parent with Parkinson’s Disease

Add Bed Rails

After his nap or night’s sleep, your dad may need assistance getting out of bed. Bed rails can keep him from falling out while he sleeps. Plus, they have bars he can hold onto while he sits up and stands up.

Clear Clutter

Make sure there is no clutter around the home that could lead to a trip and fall. Shoes need to be put away. Pet toys and beds need to be out of the way. Rugs that could move around on hardwood flooring need to be removed.

Secure Regularly Used Seating

Your dad’s favorite recliner needs to have rubberized feet that prevent it from moving away from him. If he goes to sit down and the chair moves, he could fall.

Improve Toilet Safety

Toilets can be lower than is helpful. A raised toilet seat, especially with arm handles, is helpful when your dad uses the toilet. He has arms to hold onto for support, and the elevated seat doesn’t require him to go too low as he sits down.

Make Shower Stalls Safer

Grab bars in the shower are essential for support if your dad needs to steady himself. That’s one of three key additions to the shower area.

The second addition to the shower stall is a shower seat. Invest in one that has suction cups on the legs to prevent it from moving. A non-slip bath mat is also important in helping your dad maintain traction while standing up and sitting down on the shower seat.

If the shower stall is also the bathtub, your dad should have someone there to hold him as he steps over the side of the tub. He shouldn’t be alone while he gets in and out of the tub.

Arrange Home Care Services

Support your dad by making sure he has the home care services he needs the most. If he often forgets to take his medications, arrange for a caregiver to offer medication reminders. He’ll need help with cleaning and laundry. Your dad may like having a home care aide to cook his meals, take him shopping, and help him with personal care.

Arrange home care services as soon as you can. As his care needs increase, services are adjustable. You can add new services or stop home care services that he no longer needs. Talk to our specialist to get started.

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