Should Seniors Be Eating Bone Broth?

Health and hydration are two things to focus on when caring for a senior. Bone broth is a liquid made from simmering animal bones, vegetables, and herbs in water for an extended period. The simmering process draws out the minerals and nutrients, filling it with protein. It’s healthy and hydrating for seniors! It’s something that elder care providers can help seniors add to their diet plans. So is this good for seniors?

Elder Care Dix Hills NY - Should Seniors Be Eating Bone Broth?

Elder Care Dix Hills NY – Should Seniors Be Eating Bone Broth?

Truthfully, if your senior is not on a vegan diet, bone broth can be a great option for your senior! It is high in protein and minerals and easy to digest, making it a great source of nutrition for those sensitivities to other foods. It also helps to reduce inflammation and improve joint health, making it a great choice for elderly individuals who have arthritis or other joint pain.

There are so many incredible benefits of bone broth that you or elder care aides can incorporate into your senior’s diet. 

Bone Broth is Hydrating

The bones simmer in water, and this water is the substance a senior drink at the end. This can be warm or cold. It’s one of the easiest things for an elder care provider to make for a senior. Consuming bone broth has been shown to have skin-hydrating effects. All body systems, from cells to organs, work better and more efficiently when supplied with water. Because the skin is composed of water, maintaining an adequate water balance helps prevent dry, flaky skin.

Bone Broth is Loaded with Collagen and Filled With Antioxidants

Collagen is a strong, fibrous protein that acts as a scaffold to provide structure and strength to tissues and organs. So if your senior is focused on their skin, they should be consuming enough collagen. This protein is one of the most abundant types of protein found in the human body.

The antioxidants in bone broth, which are mostly found in the form of minerals, may prove to have anti-aging effects. Free radicals are dangerous molecules that may enter the body through things like pollution or a bad diet, and antioxidants help neutralize them. As a result, protecting the body’s cells reduces the likelihood of skin aging prematurely, which in turn reduces the visibility of wrinkles.

Can Bone Broth Help Prevent Diseases?

Although the health benefits of bone broth are still being studied, consuming this drink can have incredible health benefits. Drinking one cup daily can help with hydration, vitamins, and collagen. As far as preventing diseases, more studies need to be done to find anything concrete. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help a senior with health issues. It may help maintain a healthy weight, improve brain functions, help joint health, fight inflammation, and help a senior’s digestive system. Before starting to drink this liquid, ask a senior’s doctor whether it would benefit your elderly loved one. Any major diet change should always have a doctor’s approval before it starts. When the doctor gives the okay on something, elder care can help make those changes in a senior’s home.

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