Ways Speech Therapists Engage Aging Adults in Speech Therapy Sessions

Speech therapy services are often recommended to seniors who have difficulty swallowing or communicating. There may be a variety of different health issues that can lead to trouble with both essential tasks, and speech therapists are there to help. This type of therapy can be incredibly intimidating and challenging, however, so speech therapists work to build relationships with their patients and make sessions engaging.

Speech Therapy Massapequa NY - Ways Speech Therapists Help to Engage Aging Adults in Speech Therapy Sessions

Speech Therapy Massapequa NY – Ways Speech Therapists Help to Engage Aging Adults in Speech Therapy Sessions

Here are some of the ways they do that.

Build an Initial Relationship

Rushing into anything new isn’t necessarily a good idea, and the same is true for speech therapy sessions. Therapists use relationship-building activities and learn about their patient’s hobbies, experiences, and interests in order to get to know them better. This allows seniors to get to know their therapist, too, which can help to solidify that relationship.

Simplify Language

When patients are having difficulty communicating, the key is to simplify as much as possible. Speech therapists choose simple vocabulary, shorter sentences, and careful enunciation to make sessions helpful for seniors. Depending on individual circumstances, therapists might use all of these methods and more to ensure that patients understand and are able to participate in sessions.

Use Visual Aids and Tools, Add Games and Fun

Depending on the issues that seniors are experiencing with language, speaking, and communication, visual tools might be extremely helpful. Pictures, flashcards, written cues, and more might all be part of a session with a speech therapist. These tools help to alleviate some of the stress and frustration that someone might feel around communication challenges.

Speech therapy doesn’t have to be drudgery. Puzzles, memory activities, and games all make it easier to stay engaged with sessions. Every patient is different, so speech therapists use whatever tools and techniques they have in order to help make the session as fun and enjoyable as possible. When that happens, sessions fly by and patients make more progress than they realize they’re making.

Offer Positive Reinforcement

Everybody wants to know that they’re doing well. Praise and other forms of positive reinforcement reassure patients that they’re making progress and that they’re getting closer to meeting their goals. It’s a lot easier to make progress when patients feel supported and encouraged.

Personalize Speech Therapy Sessions

Every speech therapy session is tailored for the person taking part in the activities. Therapists put together a list of goals and map out a plan for getting to that desired result. Along the way, the plan might need to change. That’s why speech therapists are constantly reassessing, offering support, and suggesting alternative options whenever it’s appropriate to do so. This helps to personalize sessions as much as possible and provide the best results.

When seniors are properly engaged in speech therapy sessions, they’re going to get the best possible results from the program. Therapists are there to do all that they can to make the work easy, useful, and productive, all at the same time. With the right support, seniors can make tremendous progress in communication, remain independent, and overcome challenges related to health issues.

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