Things to Know About Elder Care Services

Your mom’s goal has always been to stay in the family home. You’re not sure she’s able to anymore. Have you looked at the benefits of elder care services?

You Decide the Frequency

Elder Care Great Neck NY - Things to Know About Elder Care Services

Elder Care Great Neck NY – Things to Know About Elder Care Services

When your mom needs elder care, you decide how often it’s needed. She may need someone around every day to remind her to take her pills or help her in the shower. Or, visits from a caregiver once a week for light housekeeping and laundry are all that’s required. You decide the frequency.

Elder care arrangements are customized to meet your mom’s needs. You’re not locked into a specific menu of services. You pick and choose the services she needs.

She might require someone’s help with showering, oral care, and dressing, but once that’s done, she can sweep her floors and load a dishwasher by herself. Arrange only the services that help her remain independent.

Elder Care Services Cover a Lot

Some people think of elder care like help with housework, personal care, and meals. There’s much more to it. Your mom may be fine cleaning her home and taking care of herself, but she lives alone and doesn’t have friends in the area.

You can hire professional caregivers for companionship. Your mom will have someone stopping by to see if she needs anything, to chat, or to take her to a local museum for a fun outing. Caregivers can help by cooking meals, assisting with appointment scheduling, and much more.

A caregiver becomes a close friend for your mom to rely on. If she is having an off day and wants to talk about it, her caregiver is there. Suppose you see a local theater is putting on a production of your mom’s favorite musical, but you’re not in town when it’s scheduled.

Hire a caregiver for companionship services. Your mom can go see the musical with her caregiver. It’s helpful if you’re busy with your job, travel often, or don’t live nearby.

Elder Care Aides Help You, Too

You may be offering the care your mom needs, but it’s been months since you’ve had a chance to go out with your spouse or friends. Home care aides offer respite care. You get to take a break without leaving your mom alone.

Transportation is an Option

Your mom can’t drive. She needs you to take days off when she has errands to run, groceries to buy, or appointments to keep. You can’t keep taking time off, but you also realize the importance of her therapy sessions, follow-up appointments, and medical tests. Hire caregivers to drive her to appointments and let you know how things go.

Your Mom Maintains Her Independence

Best of all, with a caregiver’s help, your mom is able to maintain her independence while she lives alone. She has the help she needs to thrive.

It’s time. Call our elder care agency and learn more about having caregivers available to help your mom. Whether you need her to work with a caregiver every day or just once a week, a home care specialist helps you get started.

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