Benefits of Skilled Nursing Care After Your Dad’s Stroke

The American Stroke Association reports that one out of every six people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. Half of the men in the U.S. have high blood pressure, which increases the risk of a stroke. You know this as your dad had high blood pressure and recently had a stroke. He’s in the hospital and you’re figuring out the next steps. Your family needs to talk about skilled nursing care from home health care providers and start making plans.

Here are some benefits of hiring home health care providers for your dad.

Wound Care Is Available

Home Health Care Manhasset NY - Benefits of Skilled Nursing Care After Your Dad’s Stroke

Home Health Care Manhasset NY – Benefits of Skilled Nursing Care After Your Dad’s Stroke

Depending on the type of stroke, your dad could have incisions that need cleaning and bandage changes to prevent infection. If he had a feeding tube inserted, the incision from that needs to be checked and cleaned while it closes up.

Skilled nurses are trained to take care of wounds. They’ll clean them, look for signs of infection, and handle bandage changes.

The Nurse Can Take and Record His Vital Signs

Each day or week, your dad’s blood pressure needs to be checked. He also needs his pulse and oxygen saturation levels recorded. His medical team wants this information to make sure he’s doing okay and breathing well on his own.

Once a nurse takes and records his vital signs, the information is shared with the medical team. They’ll consult with the nurse to discuss if any changes to his care plan are necessary.

He Needs Help With Medication Administration

Is your dad going to be taking medications that need to be injected or administered orally or through an IV? His nurses help with medication administration. If he reacts to a medication, the nurse knows what to do and can work with his doctors to change him to a different prescription.

The Nurse Handles IV Lines, Catheter Needs, or Feeding Tubes

Until he’s drinking well on his own, your dad may need IV fluids to ensure he doesn’t become dehydrated. Nurses can insert IV lines and administer the fluids he needs. When he doesn’t need them, the nurse can remove the IV.

While he’s unable to control his bladder, your dad may need a catheter. Skilled nurses can insert these tubes, drain his bladder, and make sure the lines aren’t blocked or causing problems.

If your dad has a feeding tube, his nurse can administer the nutritional supplement as directed. After the tube feeding, the nurse will flush it out to keep it from clogging.

Home Therapy Sessions can be Provided by Home Health Care Aides

Following a stroke, your dad’s care needs will be great. People think they can handle the care on their own, but the reality is that it’s hard for everyone. Your dad will be embarrassed that you’re having to help with everything he used to do independently.

You’ll be sad that his motor skills have diminished so much. Plus, you’re not trained to provide the care he needs. It’s going to impact your mental well-being on some level.

Skilled nursing care is the best way to ensure he’s being cared for by someone with the proper training. Call a home health care agency to learn more about skilled nurses.


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